Chinese Herbs

Herbs are classified according to their actions and further broken down into temperature, flavor and location of the body that they influence. All of these factors are considered when coming up with the appropriate formula for your unique condition. I offer customized formulasusing the high quality GMP standard herbs of Taiwan in powdered form that deliver the highest efficacy with greatest ease of administration and lowest toxicity (as many are concerned with the toxicity that can be found in Chinese production of herbal remedies.)  I also offer prepared Chinese herbs in pills, ointments and herbal patches.  



I provide nutrition and supplement advice as well as the lowest prices on Maui in herbs and nutritional supplements from leaders in the field.

Like herbs, food can also be classified into their temperature, taste (which influences its functions), the organ systems that it can influence, as well as their general actions such as detoxification or tonification.  I incorporate Chinese dietary advice as well as general western nutritional advice into my services which includes guidance on the use of Western dietary supplements.

Just because we live on an island does not mean that we need to pay more than mainlanders for supplements and herbs. I am proud to offer the lowest prices on Maui in herbs and nutritional supplements from the leaders in the field.  New Chapter offers mostly organic products that are uniquely produced with nutrients cultured in probiotics and transformed into a whole-food complex rich with the thousands of beneficial, natural compounds found in nature. Enzymatic Therapyhas always been, and continues to be, a pioneer of science-based supplement development, and from the beginning, embraced a pharmaceutical-minded commitment to qualityNOW Foods is an award-winning and highly respected manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements and natural foods.