It is an amazingly gorgeous day in Maui! My outlook may have something (a lot!) to do with the fact that after three sessions at Lotus Acupuncture, under the care of Olivia Liu, I have regained about 95% function of my right leg, and around 75% in my left leg.

After a month of paralysis, numbness, and the accompanying depression, I overcame my inherent skepticism, and spurred by desperation, decided to try something new, (which in fact is quite old), and made an appointment for acupuncture.
What a good decision that has turned out to be! Ms. Liu is an unassuming, humble woman, that was able to diagnose and remedy my condition through the application of acupuncture, of which she is so competent and knowledgeable. 
It has been an eye opening experience for me, and made me a believer!

Timothy Sean Payne Hills

Acupuncture with Olivia Liu has been such a great experience for me and my health.  I have been going through fertility testing and treatment for a few years now and was told by my doctor that I needed IVF immediately and that my fertility would only decline from here on out.  Through weekly visits with Olivia and the use of Chinese herbs I not only have shown an amazing improvement in my fertility tests, but I have also been told that now I have the option of much less invasive treatments due to this improvement.  Olivia has not only improved my physical health but has helped me mentally, emotionally and spiritually while I navigate the maze and roller coaster of infertility.  It has been so rewarding working with Olivia Liu and I plan on continuing acupuncture in other facets of my life.

Austin MacDowell

Olivia Liu treated me for several months using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  The results were so profound that I wanted to share my experience.

I originally began seeing Olivia in order to deal with insomnia that had plagued me for a decade.  At the time, I was on three serious psychotropic drugs that allowed me to sleep.  I had come to realize that I no longer wanted to deal with the side effects from these drugs.  I wanted to learn to sleep naturally.

With the help of the acupuncture and a couple of Chinese herbal formulas, I began to withdraw from the medication.  These drugs are notoriously difficult to stop and there are many withdrawal symptoms associated with the discontinuing of each one.  I was seeing Olivia a couple of times a week to assist me in this withdrawal and detoxification.

First, let me say that I am not a fan of needles in any shape, form or fashion. However, the acupuncture needles truly were not that uncomfortable and Olivia’s understanding of my needle phobia and her patience and gentleness during the treatments alleviated any issues I had with the use of the needles. 

Each treatment would be so effective that I was able to decrease my medication amount rather rapidly.  More rapidly than I believe I could have done on my own. As I decreased medication, the acupuncture would mediate the withdrawal symptoms but it was also helping me sleep without the drugs.

During the time period I was seeing Olivia several issues arose.  Each time she was able to address the problem and resolve it almost immediately with the acupuncture and occasionally the short-term introduction of an herbal remedy.

We dealt with everything from the stomach bug to lupus, an autoimmune disease. The ability of acupuncture to deal with any of my physical or emotional issues was nothing short of amazing.  I also had chronic neck and back pain, which was virtually eliminated through the use of acupuncture. 

One incredible experience was a treatment Olivia did for my very stiff and painful neck.  I was also seeing a chiropractor at the time.  In fact, he was the one who introduced me to Olivia.  My neck pain was so severe that I literally could not turn my head.  After explaining this problem to Olivia, she placed a needle in my leg down near my knee.  Almost as soon as she had done this, I could immediately turn my head with virtually no stiffness or pain.  It was one of the most incredible acupuncture experiences I had.

During each treatment, Olivia would explain to me what my various symptoms signified in the Chinese medical model.  Chinese Medicine did not look at my collection of symptoms as a “disease” the way western medicine does.  Olivia did not treat my “lupus” or my “fibromyalgia” per se.  What she treated was the imbalance in my body that caused certain symptomology.  I learned during my time with her not to label my conditions as disease.  This mindset was extremely helpful in my feeling more control and self-empowerment over my healing.  This for me was beneficial in my overall health because I no longer felt like I had diseases that I was at the mercy of.

As I became more fascinated and enamored with the Chinese medical model, Olivia recommended books that helped me to understand the way Chinese medicine approached different conditions in the body as imbalances and balanced the body to treat and heal the conditions.

During the time I was seeing Olivia, I completely eliminated all drugs that I had been taking for years.  I began to sleep more naturally.  Chronic pain from lupus and fibromyalgia no longer plagued me.  My stiff neck and back pain was under control and my digestive system functioned much better.  I felt much more energy and enthusiasm for life.  It was a truly transformative experience. 

 Sadly, I moved from Maui (where I had been seeing Olivia) back to the mainland and so stopped treatments with her.  Since my body was fairly healthy at this point, it was fine.  However, if I had remained on Maui, I would have continued to see Olivia for any ailments that cropped up before addressing it with western medicine.  That is how much I came to believe in, respect and trust Chinese medicine, acupuncture and most especially Olivia Liu as a practitioner.

Tamara Staples

Newberg, Oregon (formerly Maui, Hawaii)

I want to say thank you so very much for all of your help during my recent visit to Maui... I was having problems with vertigo. I was given Olivia's name.  She was kind enough to see me on very short notice. The results of her treatment wereamazing. I had brain surgery 2 yrs ago to repair an aneurysm,  as a result of the surgery I suffered multiple ministrokes. For several mos. I have had tremors and felt like I'm walking on balloons.  I have gone to drs for many months with no improvement.  After a few treatments with Olivia my tremors are less frequent and I feel like I am walking on the ground again!!!!! Olivia has helped me so much and has offered to talk to an acupuncturist here in Wy. So I can continue to improve. I would highly recommend Lotus Acupuncture to anyone.  Olivia is so kind, caring and compassionate.  SHE IS GREAT!!!

Candi Homan

Cheyenne Wyoming

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year when we met Olivia. We learned that one of her specializations was women's health and she was confident that she could help us. My doctor had told me that the next step if I wanted to get pregnant would be to take drugs which, of course, come with potential side effects. I figured that I should give acupuncture a try first. After about six weeks of seeing Olivia about once a week, I was pregnant! Throughout the pregnancy she was able to help with me with the nausea and exhaustion that I felt and was also able to help me after I had the baby with my recovery. Olivia is a great resource, no matter what you are going through. She is very caring about her patients and really takes the time to figure out exactly how to help. I have recommended her to lots of friends, and they all lover her too! Regardless of what health condition you are facing, I would recommend talking to Olivia to see how she can help. 

Rachel Richards