I wanted to share the success I have been having using herbal formulas from Classical Pearls to treat my patients with Gu symptoms. These present in general as symptoms of chronic inflammation such as pain or a chronic digestive imbalances including autoimmune. Especially coupled with mental emotional symptoms such as depression, anxiety or insomnia, I have found that these patients have invariably benefitted from long term use of the Classical Pearl Gu formulas including Thunder (Su He Tang Jia Jian 1), Lightning (Su He Tang Jiawei 2), Serpent (Wu Mei Wan), and Dragon (Linglong Shagui Dan).  I have found that using these formulas for patients with the Gu pattern yield much better results in resolving the root of these conditions for the long term versus just ameliorating the symptoms. I will review this pattern of Gu in the coming entries and the herbal and acupuncture protocol that I use in treating various patients in various stages of Gu disorder and recovery.